Chiropractic and Colic

Keep in mind that chiropractors do not claim to treat conditions. We merely seek to remove stress and obstruction to your nervous system function, which is often the root cause of symptoms and dysfunctions. This is why people with a wide array of health problems see restored health and improved function with chiropractic care, because the nervous system controls and regulates every function in the human body.

The birth process causes significant stress on a baby's spine and nervous system in natural deliveries and even more so in difficult deliveries and c-sections. Twisting and pulling are common ways in which cause a baby to have subluxations in their spine immediately after birth.

Most common areas found to have nerve pressure in colicky babies include the mid-back and upper neck. Subluxations in these areas of the spine lead to improper digestion and pain, leading the uncomfortable baby to exhibit colic like symptoms.

Chiropractors address the cause of the child's discomfort. Once the pressure on the nervous system is removed, the baby is able to relax, digest and live life to their full potential. The advantage to having a child's spine checked when they are young is that they are growing and developing at such a fast rate, their response to adjustments are that much more immediate and life-changing.