Chiropractic and Ear Infections

Keep in mind that chiropractors do not claim to treat conditions. We merely seek to remove stress and obstruction to your nervous system function, which is often the root cause of symptoms and dysfunctions. This is why people with a wide array of health problems see restored health and improved function with chiropractic care, because the nervous system controls and regulates every function in the human body.

Ear infections are common in young children, but they don't have to be! Often times, pressure on a child's upper neck is hindering their ability for the eustachian tube, lymphatic system and nervous system to properly drain and function.

Our bodies have an incredible capacity to fight infection. When that ability is impaired, it means something else is going on. With our focus on the integrity of the nervous system, we start there.

Dr. Lacey will perform a thorough examination to locate the cause of the problem, which is often times pressure on the nervous system. When this balance is restored to the system, via a chiropractic adjustment, the body is capable of working in a harmonious fashion as it was intended.

Chiropractic care for children is safe and effective and should be tried first, before more invasive treatment options such as antibiotics and surgeries are considered.