Chiropractic and Allergies

Allergies are a complex and annoying symptom many people suffer from, but what is causing these outward symptoms.

Two key areas of the spine are especially indicated when assessing a patient's spine suffering from allergies. The lower neck nerve supply to the thyroid gland and the lower thoracic spine nerve supply to the adrenal glands both deserve special attention.

There is an immune system imbalance causing the body to improperly create an allergic response where unnecessary. This imbalance has many causes, often stemming from medication use, diet and subluxation patterns when we were very young, as our immune system was in its developmental stage.

If a child's immune system never had the chance to develop properly, it will be stuck in a weakened state as an adult. Some allergic response commonly seen in children include: frequent ear/sinus infections, history of asthma/breathing trouble, itchy eyes, nose and face.

There are also a number of dietary causes for allergy symptoms, that when avoided, drastically decrease mucous secretions and the allergic immune response.

Dr. Lacey will assess your nervous system, diet, past and present health history to determine the cause of your neuroimmune dysregulation, for each person is complex and different from the next.