Chiropractic and Skin Rashes/Irritations

Keep in mind that chiropractors do not claim to treat conditions. We merely seek to remove stress and obstruction to your nervous system function, which is often the root cause of symptoms and dysfunctions. This is why people with a wide array of health problems see restored health and improved function with chiropractic care, because the nervous system controls and regulates every function in the human body.

The skin is an organ system in itself, the largest of all organs. The skin is responsible for protection, water loss and temperature control. The skin also has a major excretory function, meaning that if there is distress or excess toxins in the body, the skin will work to rid the body of these toxins via the skin.

Skin rashes, eczema and psoriasis
are a few common skin disorders in which a problem going on on the inside of the body is manifesting a skin condition on the outside of the body.

Chiropractors look for the stress on your nervous system, holding your body back from 100% expression of health. Each person is complex and different, therefore Dr. Lacey will examine your spine, diet and past health history in order to figure out what is causing your skin irritation.

Common areas of the spine involved with skin disorders include:

  • Base of the neck (nerve supply for thyroid function)
  • Lower thoracics (nerve supply for adrenal function)

Skin irritations are present because the body chemistry is out of balance. Adjustments to the spine in areas of nerve pressure will allow the body to heal itself naturally and function as it was intended.